My favorite apps to use with Instagram



Like many others, I edit each and every single one of the images that I post to my Instagram account.  Because I use my account primarily for business, and especially because my business involves creating beautiful things, it is important that all of the visuals that I am presenting be cohesive and, well, look beautiful.

Although I have a fairly good eye for styling and framing a shot, almost every picture looks better with a little – or in some cases, a lot – of editing.  There are several great apps on the market, but after trying several, I have found a combination that works for me.

Here are a few of my favorite apps that I use that make it quick and easy for me to edit photographs and keep my feed looking consistent.




I heard about Afterlight when I first started on Instagram – back when I was adding those little bokeh to almost every image that I posted.  How my aesthetic has changed since then!

I prefer Afterlight over the other editing apps that I tried mainly because you can adjust a setting, save, and then adjust that same setting up again.  With some other apps, once you move a setting to 100, that is as far as it will go and, sometimes, I want more brightness.

After using this program for years, I basically have it down to the few settings that I adjust and can edit most of my images in about 10 – 15 seconds.  I usually adjust brightness, contrast, sharpening, and occasionally saturation and temperature.


I do not actually use this one much anymore, except for one feature – the patch tool.  It is exactly what it sounds like, a patch that can copy one section of your image and paste it somewhere else.  This is so helpful when there may be a little speck of something on a table that I want to erase or if something small is in the background that I wish wasn’t there, like a little neon sign in a window of a city building.

It can be a little tedious and works best when the background is mostly solid, but it is a great tool to have on hand when you have a great image that just has that one little thing in the background.

It also has a sharpen feature that allows you to sharpen only specific areas of an image which can be quite helpful.


This may actually be the thing that I get asked the most often.  This is the app that I use to overlay the pretty typefaces on my Instagram stories.  It allows you to take any of your images, add text, choose your typeface, color, size, placement, and a few other options and then save to post in your stories.

As of yet it does not work for videos and you cannot tag people’s account – you have to go and add the tags when you are actually posting.

Truthfully, it is a little bit of a time commitment to do all of that just for stories, but I usually take the time so that everything looks as on brand as possible – not to try to look perfect, but because your brand is how you make people feel at every touch point and stories are one of those touch points.


This is the app that I use to plan my posts as far as the layout and to see the overall flow of my feed.  You can store several rows of unposted images and move them around to see which arrangement looks the best.  Before I got this app, I used to post, look at me feed, and delete the post if I did not like it in the overall grid.  This eliminates any need for that.

Also, you can see at a glance how your last twelve posts have done as far as likes and comments. I do not use this app to actually schedule my posts, or even to send me reminders, just to visually plan how I want the grid to look.


With the exception of WordSwag, these apps are ether free, or have a free version – which is the one that I use.  I am not sponsored by any of the apps – I just like them and use them.  What are some of your favorites?