Handmade paper sources

My favorite handmade papers

My favorite handmade papers

It is certainly no secret that handmade paper is in high demand right now – especially in the wedding industry.  It seems to be starring in so many lovely blog features and posts lately, and it is easy to see why.  Its beautiful lacy edges and sumptuous texture always look picture perfect. I love working with handmade paper; it is an unquestionably beautiful element to use to create heirloom wedding invitations and it can be surprisingly versatile in its uses and applications.   

I wanted to share a few of the handmade papers that I use the most, what I like about each one, and how I use them.

One thing to note: with all handmade papers, there will be slight variations in size, and color, as well as how straight and how deckled the edges are.  This is something that I think adds to the unique nature of handmade sheets, however, if you are a stationer, make sure that you are communicating this to your client so that she knows to expect this and will not be caught off guard with any inconsistencies within her invitation suites.

Here are a few of my favorite varieties of handmade paper, how I use each one, and my favorite sources for the pretty pages.

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