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How does the custom design process work?

We get to know you, the feeling that you want to convey with your suite, and what is important to you through a design consultation. From there we design your perfect pieces and handle all aspects of your paper goods from initial layout to final assembly and mailing.


What is the difference between a custom and a pre-designed invitation?

Pre-designed invitations can be lovely, however everyone is choosing from the same designs and there is little to no customization available so your wedding invitation will be the same as many other couples'.  Also, you will not have a stationer personally working with you to help guide you through the process and to take care of the details.

When you work with a designer to create a custom suite, each detail is crafted especially for you, ensuring that not only will your suite be completely unique, but also that the details speak to who you are as a couple and set the perfect tone for your wedding day.  You also get personalized customer service and someone who is dedicated to you to oversee the entire process from start to finish.


What is a semi-custom invitation and do you offer this?

Semi-custom suites are a lovely option that begin with a set design, but that offer much more customization than a pre-designed invitation. At this time are focused on creating fully custom stationery and do not offer a semi-custom line, however we would love to know if this is something that you would be interested in.


What will it cost?

With a custom suite, the answer is that it depends. Many factors determine the final price for your suite such as paper type, printing method, the number of pieces per suite and the number of suites needed, as well as special paper treatments, embellishments etc.  All custom stationery requires a minimum investment of $5,000 regardless of the number of pieces needed.


Can I get a price quote?

Due to the factors explained above, we are not able to provide price quotes unless we have had a chance to speak with you about your specific needs.

If you would like to set up an initial 15 minute consultation, please contact us here and we will be in touch within two business days with more information and to schedule a design call.


Do you have a minimum order?

We do not have a minimum quantity, however for custom suites, there is a minimum investment of $5,000 regardless of the number of suites that are needed.


What paper do you use?

We love to use several different types of paper from modern clean cotton to lacy-edged hand made paper. We know what papers are best for specific types of art and printing methods.  Each paper sets a specific tone as well and we even like to mix paper types depending on the mood we are creating for you. All of the papers that we use are of the highest quality and offer a luxurious feel when held.


What printing methods do you use?

We employ a range of lovely printing techniques depending on the aesthetic we are creating.  The majority of our work is done in letterpress, foil stamping, screen printing, and the highest quality digital printing.


Do you offer design only services so that I can print them on my own?

Because we feel it is important to oversee the quality of the entire process, including the printing, we do not offer design only services for our custom stationery.


How long does the process take and when should we begin?

Creating a custom stationery suite usually takes between 2-4 months from the initial inquiry to the time that your invitations will be ready to mail.  This is often dependent upon printing methods and product sourcing as well as how long the proofing process takes.

Invitations are mailed between 6-8 weeks beforehand for non-destination weddings and 8-10 weeks if your wedding will be destination for the majority of your guests.

Therefore, we recommend beginning your design process 4-6 months prior to your wedding date.


Can you accommodate rush orders?

If you require a shorter turnaround time than 3 months, we may be able to accommodate your project depending on availability.  A rush fee of 20% may be incurred.