/ S T A T I O N E R Y 


Your wedding stationery tells a story; it evokes a mood



Texture, artwork, how the words move on the page, even the space left intentionally open all work together to evoke the mood of your event.


Through intentional simplicity and restrained design, we create wedding suites for our clients that compliment their style and reflect their individual stories.


The distinctive nature of custom design


A custom suite allows you to create an invitation set that is truly unique to you, your wedding, and who you are as a couple.  


Paying attention to the smallest details, custom design incorporates individual elements from your story, such as your venue or the flowers you will carry down the aisle. Your choice is not limited to a set number of designs, paper options, or colors.


Every element that is included in your design is intentional and expertly executed.



Working with us

Your experience is as important as your invitations

We understand how important this time in your life is, and we work with you throughout every step of the process to ensure that every need is taken care of.


Our extensive knowledge and expertise in working with paper allows us to guide you in choosing the perfect elements for your suite.  


We provide a highly personalized level of service and manage all of the complexities and deadlines making this a calm, enjoyable process for you.



Our Process


Our process begins with a design consultation.  We get to know you as a couple, and learn what is special to you. 

We then curate a design board with elements and images that we will use as inspiration for your design.

You will be presented with a full proposal and once accepted, we begin creating the artwork and calligraphy, perfecting the layout, and sourcing papers for your suite.  

We handle all of the execution of your pieces, managing deadlines and working with the finest artisan printers to assure the highest quality. We also take care of the guest addressing as well as affixing your postage and mailing your envelopes directly to your guests so that you can relax knowing that every detail is taken care of.